• Become a leading firm in Vietnam in the field of precision mechanics and machine manufacturing.


  • Create high-quality precision mechanical products to meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers.

  • A pioneer in the field of manufacturing and developing Vietnamese-branded machines.

  • A pioneer and leader in researching and manufacturing CNC fiber laser cutting machines and bringing laser technology to mechanical factories in Vietnam, bringing value to customers and society.


  • Trust: Trust with customers, partners, employees, and every person at VN-J is the firm’s guiding principle. The company always tries its best to ensure and commit to customers and partners the quality of products and services.

  • Heart: VN-J values customers and takes them as the center, putting customers’ interests first. The desire to provide perfect products and services and customer satisfaction measure VN-J’s success.

  • Commitment: Commitment to creating value for customers, business, and society.

  • Action: VN-J people always think and act positively to create value for customers and realize the firm’s commitments to customers and society.

  • Prosperity: VN-J strives to build an ecosystem for joint development and shared prosperity.