Human resources

Our company has high-quality human resources with many talented engineers and skilled workers in the field of precision mechanical processing and machine manufacturing...

VN-J's Board of Directors is comprised of members with many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and strategic vision, who have led the company to make strides and achieve many important achievements. A team of dynamic, creative and dedicated employees, trained in a professional and experienced environment.

Năng lực nhân sự


Our company owns a complete, synchronous, high-quality and modern system of machinery and equipment (CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, universal milling and turning, flat grinding, round grinding, hole grinding, etc.) wire cutting, electric pulse, punching machines, hardness testers, 2D coordinate measuring machines, and 3D measuring machine...) so that we ensure that the processing operations are closed and meet the production schedule. 

No. Machinery name Quantity Manufacturer Origin
1 CNC milling machines 2 HOWA JAPAN
2 CNC milling machines 2 SIZUKA JAPAN
3 CNC milling machines 2 ROKUROKU JAPAN
4 CNC milling machines 2 MORI SEIKI JAPAN
5 CNC lathe machines 4 WASINO JAPAN
6 CNC lathe machines 2 MORI SEIKI JAPAN
7 CNC lathe machines 2 HITACHI SEIKI JAPAN
8 Wire cutting machines 2 Gold Sun CHINA
9 Mechanical lathe machines 2 MORI SEIKI JAPAN
10 Mechanical lathe machines 1 MORI SEIKI JAPAN
11 Mechanical lathe machines 1 TAKISAWA JAPAN
12 Mechanical milling machines 4 MORI SEIKI JAPAN
13 Flat grinding machines 2 HITACHI JAPAN
14 Round grinding machines 2 JONE SHIPMENT ENGLAND
15 Drilling machines 6 OKUMA JAPAN
16 Pressing machines 2 AMADA JAPAN
17 Sawing machines 2 AMADA JAPAN
18 Welding machines 30   JAPAN
19 CNC bending machines 2 AMADA JAPAN
20 160-ton punching machines 1 KOMATSU JAPAN
21 110-ton punching machines 1 KOMATSU JAPAN
22 40-ton punching machines 1 KOMATSU JAPAN
23 16-ton punching machines 1 KOMATSU JAPAN
24 Taro machines 4   JAPAN
25 Spreading machines 2   JAPAN
27 Air compressor 1 MORI SEIKI JAPAN